Corrigated Single Skin Cladding


Profile Size Finish Gauge
Corrigated 131/2/3 Painted 0.5, 0.65
Corrigated 3 1/3 Grant Spec Painted 0.55, 0.7
Corrigated 2 2/3 PVC 0.55, 0.7
Corrigated 2 2/3 Galvansied 0.5


Corrigated single skin is ideal for industrial and agricultural buildings.

Non Drip:

In non-insulated metal buildings, cold air outside + warm air and humidity inside create condensation on the under side of the steel sheeting resulting in droplets of water dripping down.

Non-Drip is a nonwoven fibre material specially designed to control condensation and reduce dripping water in single sheet metal buildings.

Vented(Spaced) Sheeting

Condensation can be reduced by the use of natural ventilation provided by eave, ridge and wall openings. Plus ventilated sheeting is ideally suited to help control condensation by providing optimum airflow without loss of structural integrity


Ondex Bi Ribbed Profile: Roofing sheets can be combined with ribbed metal sheeting of identical shape, to provide natural light.

They are particularly recommended for lighting warehouses, gym, agriculture and Industrial buildings.

High- strength ONDEX BI-ORIENTED RIBBED PROFILE sheets must be used per DTU 40-35 and are CSTB certified.


High Impact Strengths, Stand up to Hail, Fire resistance, Homogeneous structure, Durability, Resistance to chemicals, Meets a variety of lighting requirements.