Industrial Heavy Duty Roller Door

Fleming Doors newest product on the market is the Heavy Duty Industrial Door, using a 100mm lath providing 25% more in terms of rigidity and strength than the standard Industrial Roller Door. Commonly used for larger openings in the industrial and agricultural sectors where the opening is exposed to harsh weather condions or where security is a premium.  

Manufacture Product Name Reference
Fleming Doors Industrial Heavy Duty Roller Door FD-MHD-100


Single skin, 100mm lath, roller shutter, reduces noise from wind and operation. Designed for Agri, Industrial and Commercial application recommended for factories / warehouses.


Interlocking galvanised steel laths 100mm. Bottom lath galvanised T bar.

Curtain Options

Galvanised to Powder Coated: Standard RAL or BS codes


Galvanised steel 80mm x 95mm box guides, per punch fixing holes and brush strip fixed.


A mild steel seamless tube to;BS4760 Grade 50C. Barrel diameter and thickness engineered to specific size of opening size.


Vertical roller shutter for face / reveal fixing.  Suitable for both fixing to block work and/or steel.

End Plates

The endplates for the safety brake and motor unit are manufactured from mild steel plates of varying thickness and incorporate the necessary fixing positions for securing back to the opening structure.


Standard finish is galvanised steel curtain and guides with non-galvanised components.

Door curtain, guides, end plates and canopy can be supplied BS EN 12206-1 polyester powder coated (PPC) to the Fleming Doors Colour Range of 30 No. BS and RAL colours.

  • Non-standard colours are available on request.
  • PVC curtain also available


As standard an industrial duty 3 phase or single phase chain drive motor, specified to lift curtains weight. The motor unit is prewired to a plug & a 3 station push button unit. The motor unit incorporates integral travel, safety limits and thermal cut out. The unit also includes a manual override chain device & integrated safety brake mechanism.


Maximum dimensions 10000mm x 10000mm under standard construction.  Larger sizes available by specification.


  • CE marked
  • BS EN 13241 – 1 (2005)
  • Electric operated roller doors
  • (89/106/EC; 98/37/EC; 89/336/EC)


  • Key Switch
  • Key Switch Security Box
  • Remote Control Unit c/w 2 No. Handsets
  • Photocells
  • Additional Remote Handsets
  • Rubber Seal (suitable for T Bar Bottom Bar only)
  • Top Brush
  • Side Brush
  • Canopy